RED HAWK- All In One Suite For Information Gathering And Vulnerability Scanning

Red Hawk Suite
Red Hawk Suite

Today, we are demonstrating tutorial on all in one Penetration Testing Suite for Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning suite RED HAWK.

Please check the POC  Video at the end of the article.

Scans That You Can Perform Using RED HAWK

Site Title ,IP Address ,Web Server Detection ,CMS Detection, Cloudflare Detection, robots.txt Scanner,MX Lookup ‘Whois Lookup ,Geo-IP Lookup ,Grab Banners ,DNS Lookup ,Subnet Calculator ,Nmap Port Scan ,Sub-Domain Scanner ,Sub Domain ,Reverse IP Lookup and CMS Detection ,Error Based SQLi Scanner ,Bloggers View ,WordPress Scan ,Sensitive Files Crawling ,Version Detection ,Version Vulnerability Scanner , Web Crawler.

It is useful for penetration testers to understand the customer footprint on the Internet and useful for anyone who wants to know what an attacker can see about their organization.

So lets start…



Open the Terminal and type

>git clone
>php rhawk.php

Command for fix getting error for missing module cURL and DOM Module

>apt-get install php-curl
>apt-get install php-xml

First step is to enter the target website and hit enter. Then specify between whether it uses http or https.

Output results are as follows –

This is all useful information for mapping out target and from there trying to find ways we can attack.

Press 0 and hit enter to get Basic information of the target

Press 1 and hit enter to get Whois Lookup information of the target.

Press 2 and hit enter to get GEO-IP Lookup information of the target.

Press 3 and hit enter to get Garb banners information of the target.

Press 4 and hit enter to get DNS Lookup information of the target.

Press 5 and hit enter to get SubNet Clculator.

Press 6 and hit enter for do Nmap Port Scan.

Press 7 and hit enter For Sub Domain Scanner.

Press 8 and hit enter For Reverse IP Lookup information of the target.

Press 9 and hit enter For SQL Vulnerability Scanner.

Press 10 and hit enter Blogger Viewer.

Press 11 for Word Press scan or Press 12 and hit enter For Crawling target.

Press 13 and hit enter to get MX Lookup information of the target.

Watch the POC Video Turorial below:

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