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"We have just got some reports that some blackhat people are doing illegal activities behind our website #HackersOnlineClub name
and charging $$$'s for fake services. We are not here to hack Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
We are not charging for our content, updates and tutorials, it’s absolutely free.

We love sharing our content and resources to the InfoSec Community and that too for free of cost.

We only support legitimate #InfoSec activities not the BlackHat things. We are not here to hack any Identity or leak someone’s privacy,
We are here to share with you latest updates from InfoSec world, security issues , tutorials for knowledge purpose only.
Please don't trust those people who says "We can hack Facebook or E-mail for you and charging $$$".

"Server Security: Not What It Used to Be!"
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Kali Linux 2.0

GTA-5 Online Hacking

iPhone 9.0.1 Bypass Login Password

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Python Hacking Tools


  • Scapy: send, sniff and dissect and forge network packets. Usable interactively or as a library
  • pypcap, Pcapy and pylibpcap: several different Python bindings for libpcap
Malware analysis

  • pyew: command line hexadecimal editor and disassembler, mainly to analyze malware
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